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Installation & Construction Services

PMC Colinet now offers full installation and construction services, building and installing what you want, when you want it and exactly as promised.

Whether you are purchasing new or used equipment, removing or relocating existing equipment, PMC Colinet will meet demanding needs of our customers. We approach every job from the customer's point of view, keeping in mind "ease of maintenance" when designing and installing your equipment.

PMC Colinet is committed to achieving your project, schedule and budget with innovative services and solutions including:

  • Installation Engineering Packages
  • Project Management Packages
  • Interconnection Material Procurement
  • Complete Turn-key Installation

For more details on the full range of services available, please visit the Installation & Construction page on Ajax Tocco Magnethermic, the parent company of PMC Colinet.

PMC Colinet can serve the following industries:

  • Steel
  • Forging and Forming
  • Foundry
  • Precision Castings
  • Pipe and Tube
  • Heat Treating
  • Strip Heating
  • Bar and Slab

PMC-Colinet installation & Construction Services

PMC-Colinet Installation Service

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